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School selection process

In this article the timeline for the school selection process is outlined month by month.

Timeline Partner Steps Resources
  • Watch “Getting Started with School Partnerships” course and review documents – see resources column
  • Monthly conversations with iMentor
  • Begin conversations with community/school district leaders
  • Research general school demographics, performance through publicly available data

iMentor provides:
November – December 15
  • Partner identifies a large pool of potential school partners and begins completing the school selection rubric in order to narrow down to a smaller number of strong prospects
  • Partner shares basic information with potential school partners – see resources column
  • Partner begins exploratory conversations with potential school partners


Documents to share with school:
December 15
  • Partner identifies at least three strong potential school partners

Dec - Jan
  • Partner schedules initial meeting with school(s) to introduce iMentor program
  • iMentor supports partner in editing the school partnerships powerpoint template
  • Partner leads presentation with support from iMentor

Dec - Jan
  • Partner asks school(s) to fill out application
Dec - Jan
  • Partner and iMentor debrief meeting and reviews school application(s)
Dec - Jan
  • Partner and iMentor prepares for follow up meeting
  • Partner schedules follow up meeting with school(s)
  • Share iMentor Technology Requirements with potential partners to ensure this is feasible at their school

Dec - Jan
  • Partner leads follow up meeting, discussing items on initial school visit agenda with support from iMentor
  • Initial School Visit Agenda
  • Partner completes vetting rubric(s) (Schedule additional meetings/calls with school as needed to complete rubric)
  • For additional school prospects, partner leads the vetting process and shares completed rubrics with iMentor.
  • Partner reviews completed rubric(s) with iMentor
  • Partner and iMentor mutually selects school partner(s)
  • Partner messages decision to school(s) – acceptance or denial

  • For accepted school(s), partner schedules meeting to discuss implementation details, communication structure etc. iMentor to support.
  • Partner and iMentor debrief school selection process
  • Discuss next steps (communication schedule with school partner, teacher and school staff orientations, etc)