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School selection tools

Overall, iMentor's goal is to recruit and retain school partners that can maximize the impact of iMentor's model. To accomplish this we have identified general criteria and related measurements that - more often than not - lead us to "good fit" partners. The two school selection tools below will help you to track and vet school partners at different stages of your selection process.

School Metrics Grid

The school metrics grid is a tool that can be used to gather initial data about potential partner schools in the early stages of school selection. The data gathered on this document are closely linked to the school selection criteria we have developed and can help you figure out which school partnerships to pursue before moving on to a later stage of selection, when the more detailed School Selection Rubric, accessible below, might be most helpful.

Some of the data points and statistics listed on this grid will be publicly available, while some you'll have to request from the school itself in your early meetings or calls. See the School Selection Process article for a school vetting timeline.

School Selection Rubric

The School Selection Rubric is a tool to help in assessing which criteria your prospective partner schools meet and which will be "best fits" for the iMentor program. It is intended for use during a later stage of the school selection process 

For any questions about how to use either of these tools, please contact your manager.