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PM role in Program Launch meetings with schools

Meetings with the administration and teachers at your school help start the program year off in a positive way.  Many different staff play a role in setting up a partnership for success.  In this article, learn more about the role of the PM in initial program launch meetings with the school.

This article is for direct service staff working in the schools.  If you are an administrator or supervisor overseeing partner site relationships, please check out this sub-section: Partnering With Schools.

Summer Bridge Programs

Summer bridge meetings are an excellent way to get to know staff and student before the start of the school year.  iMentor uses these events to share information about the program with parents/guardians who attend.  We also use this opportunity to share consent forms with parents and look to get as many handed out and signed as possible. 

Prior to attending the Summer Bridge session, reach out to:

  1. Director of School Partnerships for any parent facing resources that can be shared.
  2. Director of Program Operations for consent form print outs to share at the event.

Principal Kick Off Meeting

The Principal Kick Off Meeting will occur between your school based team (PCs based at your school and your PD), the Director of School Partnerships and your school Principal.

The purpose of these conversations is to:

  • introduce school and assigned iMentor program staff
  • confirm the school-level iMentor implementation plan for the current year with participating cohorts, including the weekly iMentor session and monthly pair event schedule
  • discuss the program orientation plan for participating school staff members
  • review roles of iMentor staff and expectations of school partners
  • finalize program launch logistics (including student rosters, parental consents, school-level agreement etc.)
  • identify additional areas of program integration.

This meeting is a great opportunity for you to begin building a relationship with your school administration. Let them know who you are and what you bring to the table; your background, your experience and your enthusiasm for the program.

Additionally, this is an opportunity for you to get to know your school- ask a lot of thoughtful questions! Get to know the administration and their roles. For example:

  1. Is there a staff person who liaisons with parents?
  2. Who works with students on behavioral issues?
  3. What are some strategies to integrate iMentor with the community?
  4. Should PCs attend Parent Teacher Conferences?
  5. Who should you talk to if you have an issue with a teacher or a student?

Good relationships with school administration, including parent coordinators, guidance counselors, assistant principals and principals, is the foundation for a strong partnership and a successful program. 

Professional Development Training

Professional Development trainings occur in the beginning of each school year before students return. Teachers and administration at your partner site will be involved in half to full day meetings to discuss curriculum, Grade Team meetings, plans for the upcoming year and any changes occurring at the school.

These meetings are an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself to the school staff, and begin to integrate yourself into the school culture.

If iMentor is new to your school, it may be a great time to introduce the program to the staff and conduct Teacher Orientation Training. If iMentor is not new to your school, it will be a great opportunity to reconnect with staff and discuss any changes in the program and how you anticipate the program will run in the upcoming year.

Use your Kick Off Meeting with your principal to discuss the possibility of carving out some time during PD Training for iMentor!

Teacher Orientation

Teacher orientation is key in the beginning stages of implementing the iMentor program at your partner site. Whether iMentor has been at your site for multiple years, or you are working with a new partner site, Teacher Orientation is an opportunity for you to meet the teachers you will be working with, help them understand the value of the iMentor program, and begin conversations about how you will work together to successfully implement the curriculum.

The PM role in Teacher Orientation for returning cohorts

If iMentor has been at your Partner Site for multiple years and you are working with experienced teachers, honor their experience with the program by facilitating a conversation about what worked well in the past, and potential areas for improvement. Teachers who have partnered in iMentor classes may have excellent knowledge about:

  • how to logistically implement the program,
  • collecting consent forms,
  • who to contact when working with technology, and more.

Teachers can also have a solid understanding of how students interact with curriculum, and how to increase student buy-in. Keep this in mind when going into your Teacher Orientation meeting and be sure to address these points.

The PM role in Teacher Orientation for new cohorts and new teachers

If your school is new to iMentor or you are working with teachers new to iMentor, you will have an opportunity to share more information about the program and the teacher's role within it. To help you through the process, iMentor has created the following resources to share with teachers:

Resources for new and returning teachers

Role of Cooperating Teacher in a Classroom

Whether a teacher is new or just needs a refresher, this guide helps to lead conversations about the best way for a PM and school staff person to work together.

Strategies for Building your PM/Teacher relationship

Helpful tips on the crucial work of partnering with your teacher to work together to set up effective and fun classroom sessions.