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Phase One (Preparing for Senior Year)

In this phase, you will work collaboratively with your school and your mentors to re-engage and build excitement for the 12th grade. You will meet with your school-based staff to plan collaboration around the post-secondary process, emphasizing where in the curriculum iMentor is best positioned to support.  At the end of this phase, your pairs should have identified their post-secondary aspiration, created a college list, and be prepared to launch into the application process.

Download an overview of the 12th grade advising tasks.

Resource TitleDescription
Site-Based Planning
Captures information about the post-secondary systems and processes that each high school school is operating under.
Postsecondary Collaboration (Fall)
Discusses the components of the college process with suggestions on the roles PMs and mentors can play for important milestones.  
Mentor Guide to Researching Post Secondary Pathways
This guide walks mentors through the process of researching post-secondary pathways (both college and pro-pathways).
Pro Pathways GuideList of region-specific professional pathway programs.
Pair Expedition Guide - College VisitShare this with pairs who are PE approved to encourage college visits.
Self Directed PM TrainingsAdditional activities to help Program Managers explore list-making and FIT factors.