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Advising in 12th Grade

Resources to support 12th grade PMs with postsecondary tasks.


Phase One (Preparing for Senior Year)
In this phase, you will work collaboratively with your school and your mentors to re-engage and build excitement for the 12th grade. You will meet with your school-based staff to plan collaboration around the post-secondary process, emphasizing wher...
Phase Two (Crafting Applications)
In this phase, your pairs will work on post-secondary applications. Mentees should apply to at least one college and, if they are interested in non-college options, to at least one other post-secondary pathway. They must be able to identify why the ...
Phase Three (Building and Growing Career Connections)
In this phase, your pairs will explore how connections and networks can lead to career opportunities. They will map mentee’s current networks and think about when and how to ask for support. Mentees will learn about professional emailing. Pair...