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Phase Three (Building and Growing Career Connections)

In this phase, your pairs will explore how connections and networks can lead to career opportunities. They will map mentee’s current networks and think about when and how to ask for support. Mentees will learn about professional emailing. Pairs will also revisit the career map with an eye towards identifying how to build connections in their areas of interest. At the end of this phase, your pairs should have completed any outstanding college application tasks.

Download an overview of the 12th grade advising tasks.

Resource TitleDescription
Postsecondary Collaboration Spreadsheet (Spring)
Chart that breaks down remaining roles that schools, mentors, and PMs can play to support transition and matriculation
Creating Advising Focus Lists
Note catcher to help guide thinking about differentiated advising support for mentees
Postsecondary Interviewing
Guide to supporting mentees with interviewing for college admissions and post-secondary programs
Mentor Guide to Career Exploration
Guide for mentors to explore career options with mentee
Mentor Guide to ScholarshipsGuide for mentors to help with scholarship searches
Mentee Script for Contacting CollegesSample language to share with mentees/mentors on how to reach out to schools to confirm their applications are complete