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District Data in New Partnerships

When partnering with a new school district, it is important to set expectations around the type of data iMentor would like to receive as part of the partnership. This data will be critical for ensuring that we can effectively evaluate our impact on students, provide additional support, and have more powerful pair support conversations. Below is a list of student-level data needed, along with the frequency with which iMentor needs it. 


  • Date of birth
  • First and Last Name
  • Student identification number
  • Gender
  • Race / ethnicity
  • ELL classification
  • Freshman on track status (e.g., 10+ credits at the end of 9th grade)
  • Attendance
  • Special Education status (Full IEP)
  • ELA/MATH PARCC Assessment scores
  • Course enrollment and grade
  • GPA
  • SAT/ACT scores
  • College application records
  • FAFSA completion records
  • College acceptance records
  • HS Graduation status
  • National Student Clearinghouse data (e.g., college enrollment, persistence, and completion)

What PMs need “on demand”:

  • Student grades and test scores
  • Attendance information 
  • Naviance (if applicable) or any other systems schools use for tracking college process

Additional items:

  • Access to the grade system if possible (Infinite Campus or PowerSchools or whatever the school/district might use)