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The Program Year in Data (Detail) - Fall

The beginning of each program year, commonly referred to as Site Start Up (SSU), is a busy time for stakeholders across the implementation team.  Among the myriad responsibilities of SSU are high integrity data collection and establishing healthy pair engagement behaviors.  This article outlines discrete tasks associated with execution of fall leadership data-related initiatives which are critical to setting the stage for a successful program year and establishing the ability to effectively measure programmatic impact.  

Fall at a glance

The timeline below depicts the critical areas for data related management in the fall of each program year.

Fall leadership checklist

At any given point in the fall, the bars in the graphic above show where data driven management focus should be placed.  In order to foster organizational effectiveness with regards to the SSU season, the action items below should be regularly incorporated into management efforts.

The Mentee Enrollment feature of the iMentor platform exists to support successful student enrollment in iMentor programming.  If student records are effectively managed, the feature also allows the organization to evaluate progress toward the goal of a whole school partnership.  Proper use of the Mentee Enrollment feature is thoroughly outlined in this article.

Surveys account for approximately 70% of the data that iMentor uses to measure the impact of programming.  As such, gathering a truly representative data set is critical - particularly during the pre and post survey administrations.  Details regarding content, survey length and completion rate targets can all be found in this article.

Establishing healthy patterns of pair engagement behavior early in the program year is critical to ensure that participants experience the program as it is designed.  Holding implementation leadership accountable is the single data related management practice that occurs throughout the program year.  Tools like Snapshot, S.T.E.V.E. and the Executive Level Dashboard all exist to support this work.  This article outlines the rationale and importance of pair engagement benchmarks.

Working to guide and support pairs as they navigate the post-secondary process is essential to ensure the goal of college access and success is achieved.  Tracking this data allows implementation staff follow each of their pairs as they execute the discrete tasks necessary for college matriculation while providing the organization with rich data that provides a deep understanding of programmatic effectiveness. 

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