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Mentor Orientation PowerPoint

Mentor Orientation is an in-person, 2 hour training that covers the what, how, and why of what we do. Besides training mentors, Mentor Orientation is also a screening opportunity, where you can learn about your applicants and see who is a good fit for the program.


The following folder contains two sets of resources you can use as the foundation for your mentor orientation.

The first resource you’ll find is iMentor’s latest mentor orientation PowerPoint, created for our NYC direct service site.  Along with the presentation, you’ll find a revision guide detailing steps you can take to adapt the presentation to meet the specifics of your program.

The second resource in the folder is a mentor orientation PowerPoint, created by BBBS Denver, which includes much of the same content, but with BBBS National’s new rebranding. You will also find an accompanying revision guide.

We recommend you closely review these materials to craft a presentation that best represents your program.


In addition to presentation materials, partners can show videos during sessions to highlight different aspects of the program:

  • Every Student Deserves a Champion
    • Features multiple students
    • Depicts 4-year program
    • Length: 11 min
    • Note: Video gives a better sense of what the program looks and feels like than any other iMentor video.
  • Miah’s College Anticipation 
    • Features 1 student
    • Length: 3:43
    • Notes: Gives a feel for what mentoring can look like and is very focused on the student’s perspective. 
  • Danny & Joe 
    • Features 1 student
    • Length: 2:44
    • This is a great video when looking to convey a student feeling supported. 

Mentor Scenarios

You may want to use the following mentor scenarios to supplement your mentor training during orientation.