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Introduction to Mentee Orientation Enrollment & Matching

This resource introduces iMentor's matching philosophy, defines the terms "orientation," "enrollment" and "matching" in addition to providing a general timeline of the weeks leading up to formally pairing mentees and mentors. 

Elements of Effective Practice in Youth Mentoring - Matching and Initiating Excerpt This excerpt is from the premier resource in the field of mentoring with regards to matching best-practices.  While iMentor has internally developed systems and structures to support matching, this resource served as a guide in  establishing foundational infrastructure.

Mentee Orientation and Enrollment Deep Dive

This resource provides deeper insight into mentee orientation and enrollment, linking to curricular content that guides mentees' experience and listing the programmatic actions that drive this time period.

Matching Deep Dive

This resource provides details on the planning that informs matching as well as a nuanced representation of the work PMs engage in leading up to and immediately following formal pairing of mentees and mentors.