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Introduction to Surveys

The Research and Evaluation team (RE) manages the design and administration of surveys to foster a data driven culture.  Data obtained via surveys uncovers the answers to important questions about the iMentor model and root discussions around program implementation in objective information shared by stakeholders themselves.  Through consistent administration of surveys, results can be compared to aid in deeper understanding of what elements of the iMentor model are working well and where there is room for improvement.

Types of Surveys

Using Survey Data

Once survey data is collected, it is leveraged in several capacities including, but not limited to:

  • Outcome Measurement 
    • The iMentor model is designed to guide pairs toward the development of a strong personal relationship which is leveraged to increase mentees' non-cognitive skills and instill a college aspiration.  Survey data allows consistent measurement of progress toward these goals across all iMentor cities and partner program affiliates.
  • Programmatic Improvement
    • Progress toward targeted outcomes can be considered to determine what elements of the iMentor model that are working and where there is room for improvement.  Additionally, mentees and mentors share opinions, comments, and feedback about their experience in the program which can be leveraged to make improvements as well.
  • Targeting Support
    • Survey data are provided to program staff to aid in identification of mentees and mentors that may need additional support or resources. 
  • Reporting to External Stakeholders
    • Data collected via survey administration plays a critical role in telling iMentor's story.  Reporting can take many forms such as sharing progress toward goals outlined in financial awards from funders, presenting information on the iMentor website and sharing data with the mentoring and college access community.

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