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Calling parents to introduce them to the program

Obtaining parental consent is a big component of launching your program with a new cohort. For parents who have not signed and submitted Parent Consent forms, you can use the talking points below to explain the program and respond to their questions or concerns. We recommend using these talking points to guide your conversation rather than using them as a script.

If the parent chose to opt their child out of the program, acknowledge this after introducing yourself and ask about their concerns. If it seems like they weren’t sure about what they were signing, ask if it’s ok for you to tell them a little more about the program.


  • Name, Title, Organization, School
  • I’m calling to tell you a little bit about the program at [School] that [Mentee] will be participating in this year and answer any questions you may have.

What is iMentor?

  • iMentor is a college readiness program that uses the power of mentoring as a strategy to support students to and through college. The program serves thousands of students at over 30 high schools across the country.
  • We have partnered with [School] to match a cohort of students in [X grades] with college-educated mentors solely dedicated to supporting the students’ success in high school and through the college process.
  • These are one-to-one, multi-year mentoring relationships. Each mentor supports only one student for the duration of the program.
  • Our goal is that every student that we serve is prepared to enter and succeed in college. We partner with high schools that have demonstrated a commitment to their students' post-secondary readiness and success and are thrilled to partner with [School].

How does the program work?

  • At our partner schools all students in a participating cohort take an iMentor class once a week. This iMentor class is co-taught by a teacher and me, the Program Coordinator. This course is a part of the student’s schedule. Through this course, students will communicate online with their mentor once a week on our iMentor platform and they will also meet their mentor once a month in-person at events that iMentor hosts here at the school.
  • Through weekly online communications and monthly in-person meetings, mentee-mentor pairs will work together through the iMentor curriculum, which is focused on building students’ college readiness skills.
  • We work very closely with our partner schools. iMentor collaborates with teachers, counselors and school leaders to ensure that our program is fully integrated into the school community. We welcome parents at our monthly events in order to meet their student’s mentor. Mentors are a resource for schools in terms of going on college visits and supporting career events. Having a college educated professional as a mentor is a part of what it means to go to this school for students.

Who are our mentors?

  • Our mentors are all college-educated professionals living and working in [City]. They come from a variety of backgrounds and a variety of professional fields but their commonality is that they have all completed some level of post-secondary education. Mentors come to us through corporate partnerships at leading companies like [Company] and also through community partnerships. Our mentors are all fingerprinted, go through background checks and we also use [additional screening process]. The safety of our mentees is our highest priority. Our screening process is rigorous and comprehensive. Our mentors are also trained and supported on an ongoing basis by our staff. We have iMentor staff members dedicated to supporting mentee-mentor pairs at each school. That is my role as a Program Coordinator with iMentor. I will serve as the main point of contact around iMentor for students, parents and staff here at the school.

Parent Consent forms

  • Now that I’ve shared some more information, I’d love to answer any questions you may have. You might have received a Parent Consent form from [School] or [Mentee]. We ask every parent to sign and return this form by [Date] to allow their child to participate in the program. Did you have any questions about the program?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know the students are safe? What is the screening process like?

All mentor applicants go through a rigorous screening process including mentor trainings, interviews, reference checks and background checks. We also monitor all the communication that happens with pairs on our secure platform.

How will my child communicate with this mentor?

Mentors and mentees write to each other weekly on the iMentor platform around topics provided by iMentor. All communications are written on a secure platform that is monitored by our staff. In addition, mentors and mentees meet at supervised monthly iMentor sponsored events. Mentors/students are allowed to call or text each other before events to confirm attendance. (This policy may differ for Partner Programs).

Are the matches same gender?

Yes. All matches are 1-to-1 and same gender.

Can we meet the mentor?

Absolutely! You’re welcome to come to any of our events. We can also set up a time to meet your child’s mentor in person or speak over the phone.