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Parent/Guardian Engagement Resources

Parent/Guardian Resources on the iMentor Website

This section of the imentor.org website allows parents/guardians to gain an understanding of the program model while also providing resources to encourage conversation about post-secondary access and mentorship between parents/guardians and their child.

Parent/Guardian Engagement Overview

This resource provides an introduction to the ways that PMs can introduce parents/guardians to iMentor programming and engage them as partners in supporting mentees' development of a strong personal relationship with mentors that can be leveraged for post-secondary success. 

Parent/Guardian Engagement Strategies

This resource outlines techniques that PMs have developed over the years in service of building relationships with parents/guardians, introducing them to iMentor and engaging them as advocates for mentee engagement in programming.

iMentor Orientation for Parents/Guardians

A standard practice implementation teams attempt to deploy each year involves conducting a formal orientation to iMentor programming with parents/guardians.  This link directs to a folder containing a facilitation guide and presentation materials to support these efforts.

Parent/Guardian Orientation Collateral

Implementation teams often accompany parent/guardian orientation with print collateral that provides additional information to reinforce the content of the presentation (or simply distribute collateral if orientation is not possible).  This link directs to a folder containing several versions of collateral appropriate for parents/guardians, organized by region.

Parent/Guardian iMentor Programming Letter

This link directs to template messaging PMs can use to introduce parents/guardians to iMentor programming.  The linked folder contains both English and Spanish versions of the messaging.

Parent/Guardian Program Consent Phone Call Talking Points

From time to time, parents/guardians may have concerns about their student's participation in iMentor programming.  In these instances, PMs can use/customize the linked talking points when completing a call to address any parent/guardian questions and/or concerns.

Pair Expeditions Flyer for Parents/Guardians

Share this flyer with parents and guardians as you send out PE consent forms so that they know more about what to expect from this experience for their child.