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Pair Expeditions

Introduction to Pair Expeditions

This resource provides an explanation of Pair Expeditions, their purpose and the process PMs take to ensure the parent/guardian, mentee and mentor are all aligned on programmatic expectations related to this type of engagement.  It also includes an overview of the process pairs use to request Pair Expeditions and follow-up afterwards. 

Pair Expeditions Flyer for Parents/Guardians

Share this flyer with parents and guardians as you send out PE consent forms so that they know more about what to expect from this experience for their child.

Pre-Planned Expeditions for Pairs

While Pair Expeditions are informal and largely planned by mentees and mentors, some pairs may require a little guidance - if only initially - to become comfortable with doing so on their own.  This resource briefly outlines eight pre-planned Pair Expeditions and links to materials PMs can share with mentors and/or mentees to help them plan outings.

Pair Expedition Implementation Strategies

This resource provides tips and tricks for PMs to use when promoting pairs' completion of Pair Expeditions.

How to Document Pair Expeditions

This resource provides a step-by-step guide for logging Pair Expeditions on the iMentor Platform.