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Pair Support Documentation

Documentation Best Practices

  • This 1-page resource lists several strategies and best-practices established by PMs in the field that are helpful in fulfilling pair support documentation responsibilities.
  • This 1-page resource provides tips and tricks for completing high-quality Quarterly Summary and High School to PSP Transition Notes. 

Standardized Pair Support

The iMentor model calls for three standardized support interactions that PMs execute with every mentee and mentor during the course of each year of high school programming (click the links below to access documentation protocol for each standardized support interaction).


Mentee Fall & Spring Touch Points


Mentor Introductory Calls

Mentor Mid-Year Engagement 

Mentor Spring Calls

Ad Hoc Pair Support

PMs provide support that falls outside of the standard mentor interactions listed above, including standardized mentee fall/spring touch points that occur throughout the year as well as individualized support on an ad hoc basis (click the links below to access documentation protocol for ad hoc support interactions with mentees and mentors).

General Ad Hoc Pair Support

Pair Expedition Requests & Follow-Up

Relationship Check Points

PMs are responsible for documenting one summary note per pair each quarter, excluding the first quarter of the year when programming is fairly passive.  These notes are designed to generate a rich qualitative narrative of each pairs' relationship development, progress toward programmatic goals and they type of support they received over the previous quarter in service of fostering a strong continuity of care (click the links below to access documentation protocol for summary notes).

Quarterly Summary Notes

High-School to Post-Secondary Programming Transition Notes

Pair Relationship Quality Rubric

Exemplar Quarterly Summary & High School to PSP Transition Note Samples