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Transitioning Pair Relationships Between High School and Post-Secondary Programming

This article links to an overview of the process Program Managers (PMs) support pairs through as they transition between the high school to post-secondary years of their iMentor experience, as well as tools and resources to manage this work stream.

High School to Post-Secondary Program Transition Overview

This resource provides insight into the pair experience of transitioning between the high school and post-secondary years of iMentor programming including a timeline and guidance regarding the roles implementation stakeholders play in collaborating to make the process for pairs smooth. 

Post-Secondary Programming Collateral

The most important role of PMs in managing this transition is promoting pairs' enthusiastic commitment to continue their relationship after high school through post-secondary programming and this folder contains print and presentation collateral for mentees, mentors, pairs, parents and school partners to compliment their efforts.

Managing Enrollment in Post-Secondary Programming

Pairs formally commit to continue their relationship after high school using the iMentor platform and PMs' responsibility is to ensure all pairs indicate their desire to do so and that they have a plan to stay connected following high school.  This resource provides instructions for managing pairs' formal commitment and guidance to support PMs as they manage the transition. 

Launching the Task & Announcement for Pairs to Commit to Post-Secondary Programming

PMs must trigger the iMentor platform feature that allows pairs to formally commit to the continuing their relationship and/or participation in programming after high school.  The linked Learning Center article provides step-by-step instructions for executing this task.