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High School to Post-Secondary Programming Transition

Program Managers (PMs) are charged with supporting pairs in preparing to transition between the high school and post-secondary years of iMentor programming during the 12th grade.  In order to prepare for this work stream, training content is split into two sections, designed to be reviewed by PMs in a timely fashion based on regional implementation plans.

Review During January-February

High School to PSP Transition Overview

  • Read this 2-page resource that provides a high-level overview of tasks involved in the transition as well as a general timeline for successfully supporting pairs through it. 

PSP Model Elements

  • Read this 3.5 page resource that explains all the elements pairs will experience through participation in post-secondary programming as well as ways that 12th grade PMs can set their cohort up for success after high school graduation. 

Post-Secondary Promotion Best-Practices

  • Read this 1-page resource highlighting best-practices for promoting the post-secondary years of iMentor programming to mentees, mentors and pairs. 

Post-Secondary Programming Collateral

  • Review this collection of resources to share with school partners, mentees and mentors to reinforce promotion of the post-secondary years of iMentor programming.

Review During March-April

Launching the Post-Secondary Program Commitment Task & Announcement

  • Review this Learning Center article which explains how to launch the PSP Commitment task for mentees and mentors as well as the Confirm User Information task which are both critical to a successful high school to post-secondary programming transition.  

Managing Enrollment in Post-Secondary Programming

  • Read this 3-page resource that places all the work streams of the high school to post-secondary programming transition on a timeline, provides concrete action items for PMs based on pairs' commitment status and strategies developed by PMs to effectively manage pairs' commitment to post-secondary programming. 

High School to Post-Secondary Programming Transition Notes

  • Review this resource which provides step by step instructions for completing the High School to Post-Secondary Programming Transition Note on the iMentor Platform. 


Facilitation materials for the synchronous portion of this training content can be accessed HERE.