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Spring Triad Pair Support Touch Points - 11th Grade

PMs must offer all pairs at least one opportunity for a triad (i.e., PM , mentee and mentor present) pair support contact between January 15 and May 31 of mentees' junior year.  The focus areas of these touch points include checking in on relationship health and progress toward the development of a robust list of post-secondary options.  Support should revolve around helping mentees and mentors develop a strong personal relationship and collaboratively developing a strong list of post-secondary options.  When mentors are unable to attend a triad support contact, PMs are responsible for following up with and individualized support contact with mentors to keep them in the loop and assign next steps.

This article provides resources for planning, executing and documenting triad pair support touch points.

Planning and Executing Triad Support Touch Points

Triad Pair Support Script

This step-by-step conversation guide is designed to help PMs support pairs through a productive conversation and help them work toward mentees' post-secondary goals.

Implementation Best-Practices for Triad Pair Support Touch Points

The resource linked above provides helpful tips and tricks for PMs to consider when developing plans for completing meaningful triad pair support touch points.

Tracking and Documenting Triad Support Touch Points

Tracking Toward Completion of Triad Support Touch Points

PMs will use the HS Program Implementation workbook  to manage touch points.  The article linked above explains how to read this tab, and PMs goal is to fill the mentee spring touch point bar chart to 100%.  Because mentees will always be involved in this type of support contact, it is measured from their perspective - but mentors that are present should be tagged in the note as well.  PMs are required to follow-up with mentors that are unable to attend the triad with an individualized support touch point to loop them in on the discussion and next steps they can support.  

Documenting Triad Support Touch Points

Triad support touch points are logged following the documentation protocol linked above.