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Mentor Fall Support Touch Points

Program Managers (PMs) are responsible for ensuring all mentors experience a consistent baseline of support in during teh year in which their mentee is an 11th grader.  As such, PMs are charged with providing an intentional support touch point to every mentor on their caseload once in the fall.  The focus of these touch points is checking in with mentors regarding the health of their mentoring relationship, the frequency of engagement with their mentee and progress toward relevant program goals.  Support during this contact should revolve around helping mentors develop a strong personal relationship with their mentee, establish healthy pair engagemnt habits and work towards the development of a robust list of post-secondary options with their mentee.  

This article provides resources for planning, executing and documenting these intentional mentor support contacts.

Planning and Executing Mentor Fall Touch Points

Mentor Fall Support Touch Point Guide

The resource linked above provides helpful tips and tricks for PMs to consider when developing plans for providing intentional support to their mentors in the fall.

Tracking and Documenting Mentor Fall Touch Points 

Tracking Toward Completion of Mentor Touch Points

PMs will use the Support Summary tab of the HS Program Implementation Dashboard (Pi Dash) to manage toward completion of fall mentor support touch points.  The article linked above explains how to read this tab, and PMs goal is to fill the mentor fall touch point bar chart to 100%.

Documenting Mentor Fall Touch Points

Mentor fall support touch points are logged following the documentation protocol for ad hoc support, linked above.