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Leveraging Program Engagement Data

The Research and Evaluation (RE) team has conducted research consistently showing that when pairs communicate consistently, they develop stronger relationships.  Similar results have been found in recent mentoring studies as well, including a 2016 study that found infrequent communication between pairs predicted premature closure of the match (citation below).  With this information in mind, program staff must diligently monitor program engagement and craft tailored interventions based on the data generated by their pairs.  This article introduces the elements of the Program Engagement Tableau workbook and links to more detailed articles for each element which include strategies for leveraging data to direct and focus support efforts.

The Program Engagement Tableau Workbook

The Program Engagement Tableau workbook visualizes that presents pair online engagement and in-person meeting data.  The way in which this data is interpreted and leveraged are nearly limitless.  However, the workbook is separated into 5 dashboards to support different levels and types of data consumption:

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To learn more about any of the dashboards listed above, including strategies for leveraging data to inform and direct data driven work, click the links below:



Case Managers

Cohort and Class

Mentees and Mentors