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Mentor Mid-Year Engagement

Program Managers (PMs) are required to provide a pair support touch point to all mentors between January 1 - March 31 and work with their managers to prioritize groups of mentors they will reach out to throughout this period of time.  These conversations will look different based on mentees' grade level, the strength of pairs' relationships and their progress toward programmatic goals. 

This article provides resources for developing thoughtful pair support focus lists using various strategies and qualitative/quantitative data to ensure all mentors complete this touch point ahead of the deadline.  

Targeted Mentor Mid-Year Engagement Resources  

Introduction to Mentor Mid-Year Engagement

This resource introduces this important touch point and provides tips and tricks for prioritizing mentors for earlier support as well as crafting high quality pair support conversations.  

Tiered Approach to Mentor Mid-Year Engagement

This resource presents an exemplar version of a commonly used strategy for effectively prioritizing mentors for earlier support as well as tips and tricks for leveraging the approach. 

Focus List Creation

Focus listing refers to the practice of identifying pairs in similar circumstances so that PMs can streamline their pair support efforts by crafting talking points and/or identifying resources that will benefit several pairs at once rather than customizing individual support plans for every single pair on their caseload.  This resource provides tips and tricks for PMs to leverage this strategy to prioritize small groups of mentors for Mid-Year Engagement support over a short period of time. 

Documenting the Conversation

This resource provides step-by-step instructions for documenting Mentor Mid-Year Engagement on the iMentor Platform. 

Additional Relevant Resources

Focus List Best Practices

This 1-page resource lists focus list best-practices established by PMs over the years. 

A.I.M. Pair Support Cycle

This 2-page resource describes how to use and evidence-based method for providing pair support that works in complimentary fashion with the practice of focus listing. 

Setting Up a Call Scheduling System

Microsoft Bookings is a scheduling tool that gives mentors the ability to request time on PMs' calendars to complete Mentor Mid-Year Engagement touch points.  This Learning Center article outlines of the tool works and includes links to additional supports from iMentor's Technology Solutions team.