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Mid-year calls to low performing mentors

Below are talking points for mid-year calls that program coordinators make to low performing mentors in the middle of the academic year. Note: These are used in our iMentor NYC program and so some information may not be relevant to your program. 


Outline the Call

Hi this is _________ from iMentor. Is now still a good time for our Mid-Year Call? This call should take about 15-20 minutes.

This call is a space for us to formally check in about how your match with MENTEE FIRST is going, to reevaluate goals that we set during the Intro Call, a space for me to give feedback on participation and a space for some general updates about PARTNERSITE.

12th Grade PCs in College Transition Program: At the end of the call, we’ll also talk a bit about how the structure of your relationship might change after your mentee graduates high school.

General Thank You

Thank you for making time for this call and for the support you’ve been providing MENTEE FIRST. I am looking forward to hearing specifically how things are going and learning how I can continue to support you in the future.

Confirm Contact Information

Before we get started, I want to make sure our records are up to date with your most recent contact information.

  1. Phone number (cell and work)
  2. Email
  3. Employer

Updates on Match

Find out how the match is going (use any variation of these questions) 

How are things going?

I see that, on average, you have rated your match as a [INSERT MENTOR AVERAGE SCORE].  Can you tell me a little about what informs your rating each month?

  • What has been challenging/unexpected?
  • Where have you seen growth over the past 3 months?
  • How do you feel like you doing as a mentor so far this year?

Reevaluate goals

During our Intro Calls we spoke about your goals for this year which you mentioned were_________________________. How do you feel you and MENTEE FIRST have progressed on achieving these goals?

  • Are there any new goals that you want to be working towards?
  • Has MENTEE FIRST mentioned specific goals that HE/SHE has for this year?

Communication Habits

  • How do you and your mentee primarily keep in touch?  What have you found is the most effective way to reach [him/her]?
  • Have you two discussed OOP meetings*? Is this something you are interested in?

*Specific to NYC program


Thank You

 Highlight 2 specific things mentor is doing well and thank mentor for this.

Area for growth/focus

1. Discuss mentor’s performance

  • Use performance-based data (participation rates, etc.)
  • I also want to talk a bit about some concerns I have regarding how frequently you [email/have met] [mentee] these past couple months. I’ve noticed you’ve only met your mentee one time this year OR I’ve noticed you’ve only emailed your mentee XX% of the time, where your mentee has written XX% of the time.

2. Explain program expectations

  • We expect all of our mentors at this point in the year to have met their mentees at least X times/emailed at least 85% of the time. 
  • Explain how mentor’s behavior is impacting MENTEE FIRST
  • I’m concerned about the effect this level of participation might have on [mentee]. Is there anything I can do as your PC to support you in this regard?
  • What do you think is getting in the way of this requirement?
  • I’m here as a resource for you and will do whatever I can to support you as a PC, but, ultimately, I need you to meet our basic program requirements of one meeting a month and one email a week in order to keep the two of you matched.
  • Research shows that when done right, mentoring can have an incredibly powerful impact on students. However, like we spoke about, the reverse of this is also true. With this said, I want you to not be a successful mentor, but feel that you are successful. Our program requirements are designed to help you with this.

3. Give mentor necessary next steps

  • Specific areas of improvement and expectations from PC
  • Improvement timeline
  • Next steps if improvement isn’t seen (if needed)

Partner Site Specific/Cohort Specific Updates

  • Partner Site Initiatives: Examples: College nights/visits, sharing of transcripts/ 1st semester grades
  • Curriculum updates: Current/Next Check List Goal and Email Updates
  • Upcoming Events: Review upcoming events and confirm RSVP for next event

The College Years (Only for 12th Grade mentees - College Transition)

  1. I also wanted to give you a preview of how the program will change as you work with your mentee next year. We will continue to provide support and curriculum, but given that your mentee will no longer have a weekly iMentor class, the relationship will be driven much more by you and MENTEE NAME.
  2. The program will look very different since college students have different needs. We will be focusing much more on providing you and your mentee with specific college knowledge around college matriculation and success in the first year.
  3.  We’ll also be launching a text message campaign* at the end of the spring to make sure that you and your mentee know all of the steps necessary to matriculate successfully in college. *Specific to NYC program
  4. Finally, we’ll spend some time this spring working on a number of prompts that specifically address how to use a mentor during the college years.
  5. We have piloted a number of new initiatives with our current college students and they have been very successful. We are looking forward to working with you and your mentee to ensure that he or she not only enrolls in college, but graduates. Do you have any questions?


  1. Any final questions?
  2. Review/recap next steps for mentor: Like we spoke about, you will _________________. Please continue to let me know how I can support you in being successful with MENTEE FIRST. We will touch base TIMELINE DATE
  3. Thank you for your participation and for making time for this call.
  4. Have a wonderful day and I will see you at NEXT CONFIRMED EVENT!