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Walk-In Applications

Occasionally, mentor applicants will attend orientation before starting an online application. When they attend, the recruitment team, event staff, and the screening team will work together to create a contact record, and later, a Walk-in application. This acts as a placeholder in Salesforce until the real application comes in and ensures that all mentors that attend orientation are tracked by the Screening team.

When will screeners create a Walk-In application?

  • Walk-In apps are created the day after orientation- or the following Monday for Saturday orientations.
  • Walk-In apps are created for every single orientation attendee who does not have an application. You must create the walk-in app and not wait for the AI or AC application to be imported.
  • Standard day after orientation email templates for walk-in applicants live in Salesforce and can be sent directly from there.

What is the purpose of Walk-In apps?

  • In short, so mentor applicants who do not have applications in Salesforce can be tracked and screened while we await their applications. Having a walk-in application is like a placeholder and ensures that any screening activity is logged in real-time and can be transferred easily to a mentor’s real application. 
  • Multiple teams are actively tracking the conversion rates of Walk-In applicants to see if the strategy of driving mentors to orientation before requiring them to start an application is working. If we do not have evidence provided by the walk-in app to see merges and withdrawals, we will not have those numbers or other important data.

How do you create a Walk-In app?

  • First, the screener assigned to the walk-in mentor will go into the mentor applicant's Salesforce contact record and update any necessary information using information obtained at orientation. 
  • Secondly, the screener will create a new mentor application from the contact record. At the top of the Contact Record, you’ll find the Mentor Applications tab on the far left- hover over it or click it.

  • Hover over "Mentor Application" and select "New".

  • The screener will select the region for the mentor applicant.

  • Then, the screener will input the applicant’s personal information (from the contact record), create a Persona ID using the letter “w” followed by 5 random numbers (this was originally to facilitate automatic merging of walk-in applications and real applications when they came in- but that has not worked). The screener will then update the applicant’s interview and background check appointments, and change their applications status to “Walk-In”. Save the new application.

It is the screener’s job to coach the applicant through completing the online application and there are email templates in the Salesforce widget which can be sent to remind the applicant to do so. Once complete, the screener will then manually copy and paste all information from the Walk-in application to the incoming application which will appear in Salesforce as AI or AC (Application Complete or Application Incomplete). The screener will claim ownership of the new application and once it is connected to the orientation the applicant attended, the status of the incoming application will change to SAI or SAC (the “S” means “Screening”) denoting that the application is officially in screening. Once the manual merge is complete, the screener will delete the Walk-in application and move the applicant through the screening pipeline as normal. 

How to connect an incoming real application to an orientation campaign

  • At the top of the walk-in application, you’ll find the Event Participation link- hover over it.

  • While you’re hovering over it, you’ll see the link to the orientation the applicant attended, Direct your cursor to the far right of the field and you’ll see a small downward-facing arrow. If you click on the arrow, you’ll get the option to delete or edit- click edit. Add the applicant’s name in the Edit Campaign Member field under Mentor Application- the real application should come up quickly and almost automatically. Make sure the Status field is updated to Attended.

This step will replace the walk-in application in the orientation campaign with the real application. A walk-in application cannot be deleted until it is removed from the orientation campaign. Please ensure all data in the walk-in application is copy/pasted or otherwise updated to the SAI/SAC application before deleting it. This includes interview and fingerprinting status, any applicable logged emails or tasks and even the interview transcript and match notes if the interview was conducted while awaiting an application.