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Application components in Salesforce

Listed below are the sections of the mentor application in Salesforce and details about the functions and fields within them, 

Applicant Overview
Includes important information including name of applicant, stage in pipeline, application owner, application location, contact information, gender, birthday, status of mentor contract and forms, and a link to the contact record.

Application Summary
This is where the applicant's status can be edited by screeners to reflect screening status.  Also noted is the status and date of orientation attendance, date of application, the # of days the applicant has been in the pipeline, previous mentoring experience, and dates of status changes and potential matching. Important here is also the date and reasoning behind withdrawals and rejections.

On Hold Summary
Used for information and follow-up for applicants who have put their candidacy on hold.

Communication Detail and Actions
Where automatic screening communications can be sent by checking the applicable box and clicking 'save.' The date of each action is automatically populated. This includes post-orientation emails, background check check-in email, as well as a field where screener manually enter the dates an applicant was pre-deadlined and deadlined.

Mentor Together Highlights
If an applicant enters screening with a Mentor Together request, they are requesting to participate in the program at the same school as another applicant. The information for their buddy will be listed here, including whether the applicant is willing to be matched without their buddy.

Mentor Matching Preferences
Includes applicant preferences to be considered when them with a student. Screeners use this section to note where a mentor prefers to volunteer, conflicts, openness to cross gender matching, among other preferences . The applicant provides part of this section's information when completing the application. A screener will then collect more preferences during the interview. Specific preferences, including mode of transportation and location, will vary by program region.

Application Notes/Comments
Where the applicant's response to the application question “Anything to help match with mentee” is populated from the mentor application. Above that are text fields where screeners will paste their match notes after each applicant interview.

Interview Information
Shows date, time, and status of the applicant’s phone interview. An integration with Calendly automatically updates these fields when an applicant signs up, cancels or reschedules via Calendly. When an interview is completed, the screener will manually update the status of interview to "Approved".

Includes definitions of abuse populated from the mentor application. The screener can change the status of those definitions in this section to “approved” or “needs new definitions."

Where the applicant’s felony, misdemeanor and termination/dismissal conduct disclosures are populated from the mentor application. Screeners should review this section for each applicant in their ownership and follow up as needed.

Reference Information
Indicates number of references submitted and approved, as well as the overall status of those references.

Background Check Details
Includes important dates, status, investigation details, and additional information about the applicant’s background check process.  The Background Check Note field here should only be used to note background check related updates.

Application Profile/Characteristics
Includes a comprehensive summary of demographic information including employer, job title, education level, listed life experiences, racial identity, and language fluency. This information is imported from the Platform. This section is an additional source for match notes.

Interview Transcript
This is where screeners paste the entire interview transcript once completed (save for match notes which will appear separate in 'Application Notes/Comment'). Please ensure interviewer name, volunteer name, and date of interview remain at the top.

System Information
Highlights the initial administrator of the Salesforce file and the most recent modifier of the record. 

Activity Tab (right sidebar of application)

This is where screeners can send emails to applicants directly from Salesforce, including the various templates the team has saved in Salesforce. Any emails logged through Outlook via the Salesforce Outlook Plugin will also appear here. A note is also created here when an email is sent via the checkboxes under "Communication Details and Actions". 

New Task 
This is where Screeners can create reminders (tasks) to reach out to applicants. This section is also used to document phone calls, or any other outreach or notes that were not created via the email function. For more information about how/what to log activity history, please see THIS ARTICLE

New Event
Salesforce Events track meetings, which are usually synced from off-platform calendars such as Outlook. However, screeners do not usually use this function.

Chatter Tab (right sidebar of application)

This functions as an instant messenger for screener and other Salesforce users as needed. This function is mostly reserved for sending quick updates, questions or addressing concerns in as close to real-time as possible. For more information about how the Screening team uses Chatter, please see THIS ARTICLE.

For Salesforce specific help, email [email protected] or post in the #support-salesforce channel on Slack. If you are submitting a ticket regarding a bug or error, always CC the Volunteer Screening Operations Manager.