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Mentor Application Statuses

Each mentor application has a status which indicates where a mentor and their application are on the path from recruitment to being matched. The status can be found in several locations on the mentor application in Salesforce and delineates the trajectory of the mentor and course of action for the iMentor staff who are working with them. 

In most cases, the application status will automatically update as certain changes are made to the application or affiliated orientation campaign (such as when the Completed Training Date auto populates once an applicant is marked as ‘Attended” in the orientation campaign- this will change an AI or AC application to SAI or SAC- more below). In other cases, such as moving an application into Buddy Approval or to RTBM, the change will have to be done manually. In order to do so, double click the application status field and choose the appropriate status from the picklist. 

Below is a list of application statuses and their definitions: 

Application Incomplete (AI): Applicant submitted an application that is not complete and has not attended an orientation. 

Application Completed (AC): Applicant submitted a completed application and has not attended an orientation. 

Screening Application Incomplete (SAI): Applicant has attended orientation, and is in the screening process with an incomplete application. 

Screening Application Complete (SAC):  Applicant has attended orientation, and is in the screening process with a completed application. This is the necessary status before moving to Ready to Be Matched (RTBM). 

Walk-In: Applicant attended orientation but did not start an application. A "walk-in" is an interim application or placeholder which allows screening to track the applicant while we await their application. Applicant is in the screening process.  

Buddy Approval: Applicant has completed all steps of the screening process and owning screener is doing a final overview of the application before sending it to another screener for a final review. 

Ready to be Matched (RTBM): Applicant has completed the screening process and has been accepted to the iMentor program. 

Matched: Applicant is matched with a mentee. 

On Hold: Shows enthusiasm for being a mentor, however cannot commit to completing screening or program requirements at the present time. Will be able to commit and re-engage in about 6-12 months. Applicants can be placed on hold during recruitment, screening or, in some cases, with a status of RTBM. 

Self-Withdrawal: Applicant mentioned that they can no longer commit to becoming a mentor. They may have moved, do not give a reason, found another volunteer opportunity, unsatisfactory experience, work conflict, scheduling conflict, transportation issue, cannot commit to the program length/requirements. Can be done during recruitment or screening. 

Staff- Withdrawal: Staff decided that applicant is not a good fit because they are: non-responsive during screening lack a college degree, not a good culture fit, non-responsive to background check vendor, opted out from emails, non-responsive during recruitment. Can be done during recruitment or screening.   

Rejected: Applicant is not a safe, consistent or reliable mentor due to criminal history, unclear criminal history, inflexible schedule, no college degree, lives/works outside of iMentor city, non-responsive during screening, did not clear background check, not a good program fit. Rejection details are added to application by screening. 

Closed: Mentor was matched but the match has been closed by the Program Manager. 

Rescreening (RS): Previously matched mentor whose match was closed. Mentor told their Program Manager that they would like to be matched again. Can be used by local program operations, recruitment and screening. 

Inactive: Used for duplicate applications, for example if a mentor applicant makes two applications by mistake.  This status makes an application inactive and ensures it will not show up in active Recruitment and Screening pipelines.