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Preferences in the Mentor Application

When filling out an application, a mentor applicant will note some of their matching preferences. These preferences will be confirmed during the mentor interview. Some field selections are region specific. 

Mentor Matching Preferences:

  • Match Length Requirement
    • Only choose an option in this field if the applicant specifically wants only one type of match. Do not select an option if the mentor does not request a specific length of match.
    • Important: What is selected should reflect the number of years a mentor can commit to meeting a mentee in-person. It is important that this is also reflected in the Match Logistics field
  • Open to cross-gender match? 
              This field is only used for NYC women applicants. As of spring 2023, iMentor NYC is running a pilot where some women mentors may be matched with a male student. Screeners will confirm in the interview is the mentor is open to a cross/gender identity match, and note that here. 
  • Weekday Conflict
    • Note days of the week that the mentor CANNOT attend events. This should also be noted in Match Logistics.
  • Can Attend weekday lunch visits
    • Indicate whether the mentor applicant can be available for a weekday lunch meetup in-person (Not at all, sometimes, or available to meet exclusively for lunch if needed)
  • 12th Grade/Previous Match/Transfer
    • Each mentor will be asked in their application if they are open to a shorter match length. This answer will automatically populated. If there is no answer stated, screeners should follow-up in the interview.  
  • Location Requirement
    • Only edit this field if the applicant specifically says they will only participate if they are matched in ONE specific NYC borough. If they are open to several boroughs but not all, leave this field blank but list specifics in Match Logistics. For Chicago and Baltimore this field can be disregarded. Location requirements and strong preferences should always be noted in Match Logistics, regardless of region. 
  • Public Transportation Most Accessible
    • This section shows which train lines/commute options are accessible for an applicant. This is originally imported from the mentor application but can be changed manually by the screener if needed. 
  • Commute Preference
    • .Notes whether the applicant's home or work address should be prioritized when matching. This is originally imported from the mentor application, but can be changed manually if needed. 
  • Address Notes
    • This is populated from an optional field in the mentor application that screeners should take into account for interviewing and match notes.  Mentors may add additional location-based context here, such as "planning to move to Brooklyn in 2 months" or “my work address may change this fall”.
  • Match Pool
    • This field will be populated by the regional Program Operations staff closer to matching, and typically shows a neighborhood or school that PrOps thinks they may be a fit for (ex. West Bronx, ACCE, North Grand). This is an important field for screeners to look out for, as it indicates the geographic area where Program may potentially match them. Screeners can then try to coach applicants to certain areas with greater volunteer need (the Bronx usually falls in this category). Please chatter your local team if the mentor is not able to mentor in the location listed.
  • Mentor Site List
    • This will be populated by Program Operations staff before matching. Even closer to matching, particularly in NYC, screeners should be aware if this field is populated. This helps screeners to know which applicants might fall on a school’s matching date, so can therefore give extra timely attention to the applicant’s remaining screening steps. Please chatter your local team if the mentor is not able to mentor at the school listed.
  • Confirmed
    • N/A, for Program Operations Team
  • Partner Site
    • N/A, for Program Operations Team
  • Program Manager 
    • N/A, for Program Operations Team
  • PSP
    • N/A, for Program Operations Team
  • PSP Program Manager
    • N/A, for Program Operations Team
  • Graduation Year
    • N/A, for Program Operations Team
  • Program Notes
    • N/A, for Program Operations Team

After confirming preferences, screeners are responsible for letting mentor applicants know that preferences cannot be guaranteed but will be taken into consideration when matching season begins.

Matching preferences should be confirmed and, if necessary, clarified in the Match Logistics section of Match Notes.