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Using Chatter for mentor screening

This article describes the Screening team's use of the Chatter function in Salesforce. Chatter is an internal communication system that is quick like email but leaves a record of the communication/activity in the mentor application in Salesforce- similar to a “newsfeed”. Some entries in Chatter are made automatically including certain tasks and updates to the application. Additionally, staff can post to Chatter and can tag other team members to quickly alert them to relevant, need-to-know information. Information conveyed by Chatter ensures that the information is stored for future reference.

Purpose of Chatter:

  • As means of internal Screening team communication 

    • Recording disclosures for approval by the Associate Director of Mentor Screening
    • Checking in on the status of an application, background check, or interview
  • Tag relevant other team members from recruitment, comms or development using Chatter on Salesforce when the following is true:

    • Alerting relevant colleagues or departments about members of media or production companies  

    • High net worth ($500K+ self-reported income) individuals or people who mention being referred by a board member as needed

    • Influencers or people who might be able to spread the word about iMentor locally or who express an interest in being a champion at their company (Recruitment)

    • Drawing the attention of multiple staff members (development, recruiting, communications, etc) to a mentor applicant who is a former mentee

  • Communicate other relevant updates across teams and regions 

Steps to log information in Chatter:

  1. Go to mentor application (Chatter is available on all record types, but the Screening team will only use the feed on the mentor application)
  2. Find and click "Chatter" on the right hand side of the record
  3. Type your message
  4. Make sure to tag the appropriate staff member or team by typing the "@" symbol followed by their name
  5. Click "Share"
  6. If you are alerting a Recruitment Team to a potential VIP, please follow up through email after Chatter notifying them.
  7. If you are notifying Comms or Development, tag them only after the applicant is RTBM as to limit the applicant's points of contact during screening