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Rescreening and Relocating Mentors

General Rescreening: Types and Who is Responsible for Outreach

When a match is closed (either because the match was formally completed or prematurely terminated), a mentor in good standing is welcome to mentor a new student.  

There are typically three situations to consider when a match closes:

  1. Match completed/closed- the PM indicates the mentor was safe, consistent, collaborative, and mission-aligned. The mentor also expressed interest in mentoring a new student. The mentor needs to resubmit their application online which will trigger a new (cloned) application in SF. Screening will locate their RS application in Salesforce and guide them to RTBM.
  2. Match completed/closed- the PM indicates the mentor was safe, consistent, collaborative, and mission-aligned. But the mentor is unsure about mentoring a new student. In such cases, the local Mentor Engagement Team is responsible for stewarding that mentor through the application confirmation process and ultimately RTBMing, withdrawing,  or putting them on hold.   
  3. A match has closed- the mentor has expressed interest in mentoring a new student but the PM has concerns about them being consistent, collaborative or mission-aligned. In such cases, Screening Operations will evaluate logistical completion then assign to a screener for a rescreening interview to assess whether they should return to the program. 
  4. A match has closed- the mentor has expressed interest in mentoring a new student but the PM has concerns about them being safe. Once the applicant is RS, screening will follow the proper procedures to reject the applicant. The rejection procedure includes writing a rejection blurb and sending a rejection letter. 

Logistical Steps in Rescreening, no Applicant Concerns:

  1. Once the original match is formally closed in the Platform and on Salesforce, screening ops will contact mentor with instructions on resubmitting their online application. This will prompt them to update and resubmit their mentor application.
  2. Once a mentor has resubmitted an application, screening ops will ensure all the logistical requirements are met and make them RTBM.
  3. For technical instructions on Rescreening, click here.

Rescreening Questionable Mentors

In some cases, the mentor's Program Manager may have concerns about their participation. Additional re-screening by the Screening Team is needed in these cases:  

  1. Screening ops will assign a screener an RS applicant along with a thorough chatter indicating we need to rescreen the applicant and why - if applicable, this chatter will also include other logistical steps (i.e. requesting a new contract or getting fingerprinted).

  2. The screener will then review program manager notes in Platform and parse out what the issues or concerns are. 

  3. Screener will schedule a brief call with the mentor. The Rescreen script includes questions like: 'Are there any days of the week that you are not able to make it to an event? Tell me about your recent match- What do you think made the experience positive? What were some of your challenges?' And personalized questions may be added including, 'How would you navigate similar challenges in a new match?  Would you do anything differently?"

  1. Add anything noteworthy to the match notes. Create a flag if necessary. 

  2. If there are no further concerns and the screening team and/or your manager agree the applicant is safe to continue in iMentor, the screener will guide applicant to next steps or buddy approval.

  3. The buddy approver will then RTBM and the mentor applicant is ready for a new match. 

Relocating Mentors 

Follow these steps if you learn that a current mentor is relocating to another program city: 

  1. Chatter notify the AD of screening and the regional screening manager for the city the mentor is moving to on the existing mentor application. Note that the mentor is planning to relocate and indicate specific city.  

  1. The AD will determine which steps in screening the applicant will need to repeat in their new region. This will always include creating an application for the new region and completing a local background check.  If the applicant was last engaged in our program over 5 years ago, they will need to reattend an orientation.

  2. The regional screening manager will need to make a quick change to the email address in the mentor’s original Platform application so that the mentor can fill out a new one for their new city (the platform does not allow multiple applications to use the same email address).  

  3. The regional screening manager will make a walk in application for the mentor’s new city while we await their real application. 

  4. If the applicant is currently in Screening, mark their first mentor application (in Salesforce) as withdrawn. Write a short sentence at the top of the Match Logistics field indicating the mentor relocated. If their application is in a status of Matched, chatter notify the local team for assistance making sure the application status is Closed. 

  5. Update the mentor on their next steps and coach them through the screening process. The AD of Screening will confirm whether or not we can re-use the mentor’s original references and interview etc. ***As a general rule, anyone who was last matched prior to 2017 will definitely need a new contract  - questions about their last match should still be included in that interview.