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General Screening FAQ for iMentor Community

This article serves as a reference point for members of the iMentor community with questions about the screening process. Included are answers regarding the purpose, components, and timeline of mentor applicant screening.

Q: What is the purpose of screening mentors?

A: At iMentor, we match our volunteer mentors with students who are typically under 18 years of age. To ensure that all of our mentors are safe, appropriate, consistent, and mission-aligned adults, each volunteer goes through a rigorous multi-step screening process before being introduced to a student.

Q: What does your screening process include?

A: Our screening process includes completing an online application profile, attending an orientation session, a 30-minute phone interview, local in-person fingerprinting, and personal/professional reference checks.

Q: How long does the screening process take?

A: We endeavor to complete each mentor’s screening in 30 days from orientation attendance. Delays in background checks or reference checks can extend the screening period.

Q: I have concerns about in-person events - can I do the program virtually?

A: iMentor asks that all prospective mentors be available and open to in-person events, particularly in the long term. In-person events have proven much more useful for pair health and a student's overall success.

Q: How can I ensure that I successfully make it through your screening process?

A: To protect the rigor and integrity of our screening process, we do not share specific screening criteria nor do we share the reasons that a person may or may not be accepted into our program.

Q: Who can I talk to if I have questions about the screening process?

A: You can address additional questions to the Associate Director of Mentor Screening at [email protected]