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Checklist for the Screening Process

Overview of iMentor Screening Process

The screening process begins when a mentor applicant completes Mentor Orientation. In each region, the cohort of orientation attendees is divided between the members of the Screening team as randomly distributed based on interview sign-ups via a round-robin calendar system. The screener ushers that applicant through the screening pipeline and ensures that all pieces of the screening process are completed. As it stands the online application itself can technically be done before or after orientation, though it is strongly encouraged that it be completed prior. Screeners also determine if the applicant will be a safe, collaborative, consistent, and mission-aligned mentor. 

The screening process ends when a separate member of the Screening team serves as a "buddy approver" who will conduct a final peer review of the application before welcoming the applicant to the mentor community.

The following gives an overview of iMentor’s screening process and the method in which progress is logged and assessed in order to determine whether an applicant will be accepted into the program. 




Did they attend orientation?

Yes – The mentor applicant is ready to begin the screening process. (Note: If they only attended half of the event, the applicant must complete the missing half before they are put into the Buddy approval phase.)

No – Local Mentor Engagement Team will follow up with mentor to reschedule orientation. 

Did they submit a photo and sign-up for a phone interview?

Yes – The mentor applicant continues with the screening process.

No – Mentor applicant can begin the screening process but the Screener must get them to submit a photo and sign-up for a 30-minute phone interview.

Did the facilitator flag any behaviors during orientation?

Yes – Review facilitator notes; Follow up with manager to review concerns and next steps.

No – Mentor applicant can continue with screening process.


Did they submit an online application? 

(Assumes orientation was already attended)

Yes – Search Salesforce by the new applicant's name and email address. Once found, the assigned Screener will change the application into their ownership, ensure they are connected to an orientation campaign, update interview time, and look over definitions and references for approval. 

No – Create a walk-in application and follow up with mentor to begin/complete application.

Do they have an older application in the system?

Yes - Search Salesforce by the new applicant's name and email address. If they have an old application, review that application's status. If the applicant withdrew or was AC/AI, merge contact records. If the applicant was rejected or previously matched, discuss with your manager.

No – Screener will make sure mentor application is in their ownership and continue the screening process.

Did they finish the online application?  

Yes - Continue with the next steps of screening. (Note: if definitions are insufficient, follow up with mentor for revised ones.)

No – Screener will follow up with mentor to complete app.

Do they meet the basic requirements of the program?

  • 21 years or older
  • Has an Associate's at a minimum
  • Has a flexible schedule

Yes - Continue with the next steps of screening.

No – Escalate to manager and determine next steps.


Did they complete the interview?

Yes – Continue with the next steps of screening.

No – Follow up with applicant to reschedule phone interview.

Did any flags come up during the interview?  

Yes - Write match notes, review transcript, and document a flag. Follow up with manager about the concerns and discuss as a group in Screening Weekly.

No - Continue with the next steps of screening


Did they include sufficient references in the online application (cannot submit only family & must have known for 6 months)?

Yes – Send reference emails out to references.

No – Reach out to applicant to provide alternative references.

Are references approvable?

Yes – Screener will review and approve the reference.

No – Reach out to applicant to retrieve new references. Document any flags and discuss with manager if necessary.


Did they complete the mentoring contract?

Yes - Operations Coordinator will mark off “Mentor Contract on File.”

No – Remind the applicant to check their email and complete the request. If not received at all, uncheck “Mentor Contract on File” and remove sent date, or chatter Operations Coordinator to resend the mentor contract. 

NYC applicants – did they complete the background check release form?

Yes – Operations Coordinator will mark off “BG Release Form on File” and screener must send fingerprinting instructions once they are inputted into PETS (prompted by auto-email sent when 'Date Mentor Contract Sent' field populates).

No – Uncheck “Mentor Contract on File” and remove sent date, or chatter Operations Coordinator to resend paperwork. After a couple of attempts, email applicant to ensure they receive the documents. If they didn’t, ask for a new email address. 

Background Check

Did they schedule or complete fingerprinting?Yes - Mark the Background Check Status as Scheduled or Fingerprinted. Check in after all scheduled appointments to ensure applicant attended. Once fingerprinted, await for a routine clearance.

No - Follow up with applicant, reminding them to address their fingerprinting step. Each region has different instructions.  

*Collaborate with screening regional leads around any issues, if needed.

Did they pass the background check?

Yes – No further action needed.

No - Follow up as necessary based on status.

Once all conditions are met, the application can move to buddy approval where a final decision about an applicant's admittance is made. If ok'd, the buddy approver moves the applicant to RTBM. Screening is complete.