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Screening Interview Scheduling Tool FAQ

The screening team uses the tool Calendly to schedule mentor interviews.

Before Orientation: The Screening team uses a Calendly function called “Round Robin” to provide interview slots for attendees during orientation. The day of orientation, the Screening Orientation Captain will ensure the Calendly Round Robin link is active and has enough available slots for interview sign-ups.  frame. Individual screeners will then be asked to input time slots they would like to offer into the Box template. The Calendly Round Robin link moving forward will stay active/on.

During Orientation: Event Staff provide the Calendly link via Zoom throughout orientation. During break, orientation facilitators will emphasize the importance of signing up for an interview using the link provided on the orientation PowerPoint and in the Zoom chat. Event Staff will help as needed.

After Orientation: Orientation captains will use the Calendly backend to check the number of attendees that have signed up for interviews with each screener. When a mentor signs up for an interview, both the screener and the mentor applicant will get an email, and their Outlook calendars will automatically update to include the appointment. Screeners will be responsible for tracking interviews, and must follow-up with unresponsive applicants. The Senior Volunteer Screening Manager will be in charge to check the Calendly Actions event lists daily and troubleshoot any sign-ups that did not sync with their respective mentor application. 

Salesforce and Calendly: Calendly automatically adds appointments to Outlook and automatically updates on Salesforce through the Salesforce/Calendly integration. After an interview, screeners must update Salesforce to mark the interview as "approved". If someone other than the application owner is covering the interview, mark the interview status as “approved”.  The owner of the mentor application will be responsible for reviewing the interview before an applicant is put into the Buddy Approval phase. The screener will also input the interview transcript and match notes into Salesforce. The screener should update the status of any missed or canceled interviews in real time. 

What are potential implications of Calendly for the screening pipeline? This screening tool puts more responsibility on the mentors to not only schedule the interview, but to keep the interview appointment. If the mentor applicant does not receive our day after email, they will not be able to re-schedule their interview without further screener intervention. Additionally, applicants will now have more control over canceling or rescheduling their appointments. Screeners must coach applicants through the importance of completing the interview promptly.