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S.T.E.V.E. Pro-Tip: Create a quick focus list based on touch points

One of the guiding philosophies driving iMentor's model design regarding the support pairs receive from Program Mangers (PMs) is the concept of "breadth" which refers to the provision of an equitable baseline distribution of pair support across pairs (you can learn more about this concept and the others driving the design of pair support HERE).  

One way that PMs have effectively used S.T.E.V.E. to drive their support efforts and ensure their pairs receive this equitable baseline involves using the Focus Finder dashboard of S.T.E.V.E. to quickly create a focus list of pairs where mentees and/or mentors have not yet received any touch points.  Below, instructions for deploying this strategy are outlined.

  1. Navigate to the Focus Finder element of S.T.E.V.E. and select your name from the "Select Program Manager" drop-down filter;

  1. Using the "Mentor Touch Points" filter, limit the data displayed by sliding the right-hand marker down to "0."  This will immediately create a list of pairs for which the mentor has received no touch points from the PM;
    • At the beginning of the year, this will result in a list of mentors that have yet to complete a Beginning of Year call.
    • The same process can be leveraged using the "Mentee Touch Points" filter, which during the fall, will result in a list of mentees that have not yet received a fall touch point.
    • As the program year progresses, PMs can play with the place they slide the right-hand marker to (i.e., if all mentees have received at least one touch point, the marker could be moved to "1," resulting in a list of the mentee/mentors with the fewest touch points providing the PM with a list of pairs to focus on to balance the breadth of their efforts).
    • PMs may even consider "layering" filters to create an ever more targeted list of pairs to focus on (i.e., slide both the mentee and mentor touch point marker to "0" to find pairs that have received no support on either side of the relationship OR select "Not Meeting Benchmark" from the "Meeting Lesson Benchmark" drop-down filter to create a list of pairs in which mentors have received no support and the pair is not meeting the lesson benchmark).  A full list of the filters available in the Focus Finder, along with descriptions and functionality, can be found HERE.

  1. (Optional) If desired, the data displayed can be exported into Microsoft Excel as shown below.  The resulting excel workbook includes pair names and mentor email addresses, making it a valuable resource in sending all mentors on the list a bcc email to schedule a call or even craft a targeted mail merge.


Still have questions or need assistance with this pro-tip?  Click HERE to contact a member of the National team for help!