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Collaboration for the College Process

1. Virtual Advising

Read through the 12th Grade Fall Virtual Advising Timeline.

2. School Partnership for the College Process

Using the 12th Grade Fall Virtual Advising Timeline as a guide, update the Collaboration for Virtual Advising Spreadsheet with the roles you think you can play and your mentors can play. Add as much information as you currently have about what your school partner is doing. Save the completed copy to your personal Box file to update and refer to in your conversations with your school-partner. 

3. Respond to the following on #Slack

Which 12th grade college tasks do you feel ready to support the most with? Ideally, how would you like to work with your school partner and mentors to ensure students get the support they need?

Go Deeper (Optional)

Schedule a meeting with your school-based counseling staff. Complete the Virtual Site-Based Planning document.