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Collaborating with Schools for Post-Secondary Success

Supporting a College-Going Culture

Schools do not have the resources and capacity to do it all – and to do it all well for all students. In most communities, there are a host of enrichment, counseling, and training programs to learn with and from. Schools can partner with outside organizations, including colleges, on a variety of components, including SAT prep, professional development, direct college counseling, and family intervention, among others.

Schools partner with iMentor and other similar college success organizations in order to get the support they need with building college-going culture. 

Even though an increasing number of schools and districts have recognized the importance of bringing in outside support, it can be extremely difficult to achieve results without a clear blueprint for how schools and organizations work together. See below for resources to ensure you and your team and maximizing your collaboration to maximize your support of students. 

Partnership Resources

Advising Site-Based Planning

Captures information about the post-secondary systems and processes that each school is operating under. Also, discusses historical post-secondary data so PMs can understand a school's college-going expectations and culture. 

Post-secondary Collaboration Spreadsheet -  12th Grade Fall12th Grade Spring | 11th Grade Spring

Discusses the components of the college process with suggestions on the roles PMs and mentors can play for important milestones. Used to help a school partner and iMentor collaborate on supporting students in 11th and 12th. 

Partnership Best Practices 

Suggestions on how to integrate into the college office.