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Orientation Captains

Orientation captains are responsible for general oversight of each new cohort that attends a mentor orientation. The orientation captain of each region will be the single point of contact between screening, mentor engagement, local orientation facilitators, and support staff.

The Orientation Captain’s responsibilities are as follows

Before orientation:

1) On the day of the orientation, connect with the Associate Director of Mentor Screening to ensure that any last-minute changes in screening protocol are communicated to the local orientation contacts (for example if we want to prioritize men signing up for Go Pass instead of women later in the year, what to do if a doctor is not present at a Bay Area orientation, etc.).

2) The Associate Director of Mentor Screening will determine the interview slot distribution and relay that breakdown to the regional Screening Manager (who is usually the orientation captain unless someone else is providing coverage). 

3) Orientation Captains will send an email detailing the interview slot breakdown to the screening team before 2PM. 

4) Ensure that local recruitment/event staff have access to necessary screening materials, such as an active regional Round Robin Calendly link (captains will send a slack to the local team alerting them when the aforementioned Calendly link is live). Also, communicate any need-to-know information to local staff, for example if the captain will be out of office and another screener will be fulfilling those duties, or if the span/number of interview times offered are atypical. 

After orientation:

5) Review day after deliverables (for example sign in sheet on Box, uploaded photos, Box notes from event staff, etc.) from the local event staff to collect any relevant preference information that might have been shared in person, or if there were any observed flags of behavior that need to be reviewed. 

6) The morning after orientation, oversee the distribution of applicants in Salesforce. Individual screeners will take ownership of anyone who has signed up for one of their interview times and create any Walk-in applications of their own as needed. After that the Orientation captain will distribute any applicants that did not sign up for an interview evenly between screeners and will create any remaining Walk-ins.

7) Ensure any region specific data is inputted properly (for example background check appointment dates, TB information). For more information about specific data for your region, see links to regional documents below

8) Create a Post Orientation note in Box to record and share relevant information with the other screeners.

9) Confirm there are no mentors that attended orientation that did not get sorted into a screener’s ownership. The unsorted mentor report is located here and can be checked the morning after orientation: https://imentor.lightning.force.com/one/one.app#/sObject/00O0M000008dqKoUAI/view

Current orientation captain assignments:
NYC – Stephanie Serrano
Chicago – Annette Mae Pierce
Bay Area – Karin Broberg
Baltimore – Karin Broberg

Region specific orientation captain information:

For more specific information about your region, see the following articles/Box documents:

New York City Orientation Captain Duties: https://imentor.app.box.com/notes/393958268160

Chicago Orientation Captain Duties: https://imentor.app.box.com/notes/393966423074 

Bay Area Orientation Captain Duties: https://imentor.app.box.com/notes/325221216659 

Baltimore Orientation Captain Duties: https://imentor.app.box.com/notes/484569717323