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Matching & Re-Matching for Continuing Cohorts

During program launch, Program Managers (PMs) will more than likely have a mix of new students that they need to match for the first time as well as mentees in need of a new mentor due to their previous relationship being closed.  It is important that PMs thoughtfully approach matching new students and re-matching mentees in order to set pairs up for success in their new relationships. 

Independent Pre-Work

The PM Role in Matching

  • Read this 2-page resource outlining the PM role in the matching process.  


  • Read this 2-page resource that highlights the process for assessing whether a re-match is the right choice for a student as well as best-practices for approaching re-matching.

Matching Deep-Dive

  • Read this 2-page resource that outlines the matching process for both re-matches and mentees matched for the first time.  

Activity Worksheet

  • Think through the prompts presented in this guide in preparation to match new students and re-match mentees.  The document includes instructions for an activity designed to help PMs practice thinking through re-matching mentees.   

Follow-Up Resources

Mentee Orientation & Enrollment Section of Digital Program Manual 

  • Bookmark and explore this collection of resources designed to support PMs in orienting and enrolling new students into iMentor programming.  

Matching Best-Practices

  • Read this 2-page resource containing tips and tricks PMs can use to quickly and efficiently make strong matches during their assigned matching block.

Matching Transgender and Non-Binary Mentees

  • Read this 1.5 page resource that provides the high-level philosophy that informs iMentor’s approach to matching as well as protocol to follow and tips for matching students that identify as transgender or non-binary.

Matching on the iMentor Platform

  • Read this Learning Center article which provides step-by-step instructions for formally matching mentee-mentor pairs on the iMentor Platform.

Healthy Match Closure

  • Read this 2-page resource that outlines the process PMs support pair through when formally closing relationships.

Re-Matching Rubric

  • If you happen to have a significant number of mentees to re-match, consider using this simple Excel tool to support your ability to track your assessment of mentees' potential for a successful experience with a new mentor. 


Facilitation materials for the synchronous portion of this training content can be accessed HERE.