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Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring - Matching and Initiating Excerpt

This excerpt is from the premier resource in the field for mentoring with regards to implementation best-practices.  While iMentor's approach to matching is rooted in the best-practices and research presented in this section of the document, it is a helpful resource to review as foundational knowledge for implementation teams.

The Program Manager (PM) Role in Matching

This resource lists the role PMs play in matching mentee-mentor pairs.

iMentor's Matching Philosophy

This resource articulates iMentor's high-level philosophy and approach to strengths-based matching.

Matching Best-Practices

This resource lists tips and tricks PMs can use to quickly and efficiently make strong matches during their assigned matching block.

Matching on the iMentor Platform

This resource provides step-by-step instructions for formally matching mentee-mentor pairs on the iMentor Platform. 

Match Message Follow-Up Email Template

PMs must send this message to all newly matched mentors immediately when matching is complete.  This email template is designed to be used with the Custom Export feature of the iMentor Platform (select from exports shared with you -> Mentor Match Message) to merge in information about mentors' mentees.  Instructions for mail merging can be found in the Mentor Match Message Custom Export on the tab titled "Mentor Match Message Guidance."

Mentor Reveal Template

This document can be used to share information with mentees regarding their new mentor when facilitating the Mentor Reveal lesson in phase one.  It is designed to be used with mail-merge functionality after using the Custom Export feature on the iMentor Platform (select from exports shared with you -> Mentor Reveal).  Instructions for mail merging can be found in the Mentor Reveal Custom Export on the tab titled: "Mentor Reveal Guidance."  

Getting Started with the Mentor Newsfeed

This 1.5 page resource provides detailed guidance for making a strong first posting to the Mentor Newsfeed on the iMentor Platform immediately after matching in addition to tips and tricks for building additional capacity with the tool to maximize impact. 


This resource introduces the concept of re-matching and provides information PMs can use to successfully navigate matching mentees with a new mentor.  

Re-Matching Rubric

This simple Excel workbook is designed to support PMs with a significant number of mentees for whom they are considering a potential re-match by creating space for them to rate mentees' likelihood for success in a new match across multiple important criteria.  It is important to note that there is no formal threshold established to guarantee successful re-matching.  It is simply a tool to provide a reference point for conversations with managers and peers.

Rationale Behind Same-Gender Matching

iMentor only matches mentees with mentors of the same gender because it optimizes the social support function of mentoring and because it reduces sexual concerns.  This resource provides insight into the organizational decision regarding same-gender matching. 

Matching Trans Gender and Non-Binary Mentees

This resource provides guidance for PMs matching matching students whose gender identity is not aligned with the male-female, assigned at birth, gender binary.