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Matching for New Cohorts

Creating an effective and enduring mentoring relationship begins with matching pairs and formally establishing the bond.  Program Managers (PMs) lead the matching process and are responsible for matching all eligible mentees with a mentor.  In addition to weighing potential matches and formally linking mentees with mentors on the iMentor Platform, PMs are responsible for executing initial follow-up tasks to ensure pairs start their relationship on the right foot.

iMentors Matching Philosophy

  • Read this 1-page resource explaining the philosophy that informs the design and approach to matching at iMentor. 

Matching Deep Dive

  • Read this 2-page resource that outlines the tasks and timeline for matching mentee-mentor pairs. 

Matching Checklist

  • Use this 2-page resource to ensure you are effectively preparing to match your mentees and completing all the necessary follow-up steps once you have finished matching. 

Matching New Cohorts Activity

  • A part of this training workshop will involve using this worksheet to practice matching mentees on the iMentor Platform. 

Matching Best-Practices

  • Read this 2-page resource containing tips and tricks PMs can use to quickly and efficiently make strong matches during their assigned matching block.

Matching Transgender and Non-Binary Mentees

  • Read this 1.5-page resource that provides the high level philosophy that informs iMentor's approach to matching as well as protocol to follow and tips for matching students that identify as transgender or non-binary. 

Matching on the iMentor Platform

  • Read this Learning Center article which provides step-by-step instructions for formally matching mentee-mentor pairs on the iMentor Platform.

Rationale for Same-Gender Matching

  • Read this 3-page resource that provides context and research-driven rationale for the organizational decision to match young people based on their gender identity.  

Guidance for Matching Non-Gender Binary or Trans Students

  • Read this 2-page resource designed to support matching students who are trans or who identify as non-binary.  This guidance was developed because we believe that this work is critical and important to iMentor.

Mentor Reveal Template

  • Access this Word template that is deigned to share information with mentees about their new mentor.  It is designed to be used with mail-merge functionally after using the Custom Export featur of the imentor Platform (select from exports shared with you -> Mentor Reveal) to merge in information about mentees' mentors.  Instructions for mail merging can be found in the Mentor Reveal Custom Export on the tab titled "Mentor Reveal Guidance."

Match Message Follow-Up Email Template

  • Access this mentor email template that is designed to be sent immediately after completing bulk matching for a cohort.  This template works best using mail-merge functionality, and this simple tracker can be used to fill the template with customized information for each mentor. 

Getting Started with the Mentor Newsfeed

  • This 1.5 page resource provides detailed guidance for crafting a strong first posting to the Mentor Newsfeed immediately after matching as well as tips and tricks for building additional capacity with the tool to maximize impact.  The Mentor Newsfeed can be an effective strategy for communicating information to mentors and creating an easy way to complete important program tasks - get started using it early!


Facilitation materials for the synchronous portion of this training content can be accessed HERE.