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Match Closure Resources

We work to create and supporting relationships that will persist throughout formal programming and beyond, but that will not be the case for all pairs.  This article provides Program Managers (PMs) with resources to manage healthy match closure.

Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring - Closure Excerpt

This excerpt is from the premier resource in the field of mentoring with regards to implementation practices.  While iMentor's approach to match closure is intentionally aligned to the research and practices in this section of the document, it is a helpful resource to review as foundational knowledge for implementation teams to base their match closure approach in.

Supporting Pairs Toward Healthy Match Closure

Regardless of the circumstances that result in the need to close a match, it is important that PMs coach pairs toward healthy closure.  This resource outlines the steps PMs can take to ensure that mentees and mentors feel a sense of accomplishment and have the ability to move on with positive feelings to the best. 

Match Closure Mentor Email Templates

These template can serve as the foundation from which PMs can work with their manager to customize messaging to mentors as a follow-up from the closure conversation as a part of the healthy match closure process.  There are three templates embedded in this resource: One for closures resulting from mentee-driven closures (i.e., mentee transferred schools), one for mentor-driven closures (i.e., mentor unable to meet program requirements) and one for closures that occur at the end of 12th grade.  PMs are welcome to stitch together a message using components of multiple templates in partnership with their manager, if desired.

How to Close a Match on the Platform

This resource provides step-by-step instructions for PMs to follow in order to properly close a pair's relationship on the platform.  PMs should be sure to read the guide to select the most appropriate closure reason(s) for each relationship that is ending.

Selecting the Appropriate Match Closure Reason

This resource lists all match closure reasons available to PMs on the iMentor platform along with guidance to help them select the reason(s) most appropriate for each pair.

Supporting Mentees Toward Re-Engaging With a New Mentor 

If a mentee's relationship terminates early, but there is still time for them to build a strong personal relationship with a new mentor and work with them to reach their highest career aspiration, PMs should work toward encouraging them to do so.  This resource provides best-practices to help PMs in those efforts.