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Mentor Progress Reports

Mentor Progress Reports can be an informative and useful way to share pair engagement data and ongoing feedback with mentors. These reports can be sent to mentors at the end of each month, each trimester, etc., and should include a reminder of the benchmarks and expectations set for mentors, compared to each pair's performance data on lesson completion and in-person meetings. Include as well specific suggestions for improvement, such as upcoming make-up meeting opportunities and lesson reminders such as setting a weekly alarm or recurring work calendar reminder. Encourage mentors to reach out to you to talk further about their performance.

PMs can introduce the progress reports in a mentor huddle at an event before sending out the first round of reports, so that mentors know to keep an eye out for their report. Take advantage of mail merge for this undertaking, and make an effort provide a tailored or personalized message for each mentor, time-permitting, since engagement data does not always adequately reflect a pair's strength of match and a mentor's efforts. A typical progress report template may look like the following:

Hi (Mentor)!
 Since I grade your mentee on their participation in our program, I’ve created a personalized “progress report” for each mentor as well! Please use this data to reflect on your engagement and progress last semester and set some goals for an even better spring with (Mentee). Check it out and remember, there’s plenty of time to raise your grade before the end of the year!

Your February Progress Report

  • Meetings: As of February 26th, you and Mentee have met a total of 4 time(s)

  • Canvas Online: You and Mentee have been assigned 10 lessons to complete. Your response rate is 70%; for comparison, Mentee has a response rate of 90%.

  • The current lesson on Canvas is DUE TOMORROW - log in now to complete it: https://nyc.imentor.org

How do we measure your mentoring performance?
We expect pairs to…

  • Meet in person a minimum of 6 times throughout the school year, through a combination of the iMentor program curriculum events and independent pair expeditions.

  • Complete each assigned online Canvas lesson, which cycles through each Wednesday morning when mentees have iMentor class. What is important is your communication, so writing in Conversations instead of completing the lesson also counts as Canvas completion.

Mentor- Since it has been challenging for you and Mentee to meet at events, let's see if we can get a fun pair expedition scheduled before the next event on March 19th (RSVP link here!). Perhaps Mentee could visit your office after school next Friday afternoon, since we will have a half-day; there is also a college fair on Saturday, March 2nd: details linked here. Additionally, looks like you're not always writing back in time for Mentee to read your responses in class. Pro tip: try setting a weekly alarm on your phone, or a recurring work calendar reminder. Overall, I think you and Mentee have been making really good progress getting to know each other better, and thank you again for taking the time to prepare Mentee for her job interview last week. Thanks for all you do to support Mentee!

Want to check in?
I’d love to chat more with you about how you and Mentee are doing this year! Feel free to schedule a phone call with me at for a check-in.

End-of-year progress reports may benefit from having a slightly more serious tone, with suggestions of goals for the next year. Reference reports during Mentor Huddles and individually with mentors during phone conversations and in-person encounters to remind mentors to check these reports that you prepare.