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Survey Administration

Program Managers (PMs) are responsible for administering program surveys to mentees and mentors.  Approximately 70% of program efficacy measurement stems from program surveys and the learning we can achieve through this vehicle is dictated by the amount of participants that complete surveys.  However, getting mentees and mentors to complete the survey is only half the battle.  In order to ensure that the data we are collecting is high quality, PMs must support participants in being honest and thoughtful in their responses to survey questions. 

This resource is designed to help PMs prepare to engage in this work through self-directed learning.  Read through the materials and reach out to your manager for additional support! 

Note: Implementation leaders are encouraged to create space to discuss this material and check for understanding during program/grade team meetings.

Independent Learning Resources

The Purpose of Program Surveys

  • Read this 1-page resource that articulates the importance of program surveys and the role they play at iMentor.

Pre-Program Survey Content

  • Read this 1-page resource that provides a high-level review of the types of questions pairs are asked during pre-program survey administration.
  • Additionally, take time to follow these links and read through the mentee and mentor surveys so you have a good sense of the questions and can anticipate any comprehension challenges students may have (Mentee Pre-Program SurveyMentor Pre-Program Survey)

Pre-Program Survey Timeline and Completion Targets

  • Read this 2-page resource that covers the ways PMs manage survey administration over time and provides guidance for setting informal benchmarks that build toward survey completion goals set by regional leaders.

Mentee Pre-Program Survey Administration Best-Practices

  • Read this 1-page collection of survey administration best-practices rooted in former PMs' experieinces in the field. 

Surveys on the iMentor Platform

  • Read this Learning Center article that explains how the Surveys and Assessments feature of the iMentor Platform works from inviting pairs to managing strong completion rates.
  • All mentees with the user status of Active, Application Incomplete and Screening Incomplete should be invited to the pre-program survey.  Once paired, all matched mentors should be invited to the survey.