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Pair Expeditions

iMentor’s Research and Evaluation team conducted analysis that found mentees had 10% higher odds of graduating high school and 4% higher odds of enrolling in college for each Pair Expedition the dyad completed.

Pair Expeditions are informal meetings between pairs that are meant to supplement the monthly curricular events.  This type of program engagement requires additional parent/guardian consent in addition to mentee/mentor sign-off to indicate that they are interesting in meeting outside of monthly events.  Ideally, Program Managers (PMs) promote pairs’ approval for Pair Expeditions to create opportunities for them to further the development of a strong personal relationship.

This resource is designed to help PMs prepare to engage in this work through self-directed learning.  Read through the materials and reach out to your manager for additional support! 

Note: Implementation leaders are encouraged to create space to discuss this material and check for understanding during program/grade team meetings.

Independent Learning Resources

Introduction to Pair Expeditions

  • Read this 2-page resource that introduces the concept of Pair Expeditions and lists the steps for supporting pairs toward approval for this engagement type as well as planning their first expedition. 

Mentor Pair Expedition Deck

  • This deck serves to walk mentors through the concept of Pair Expeditions. Safety & compliance measures are included in the deck.

Mentor Pair Expedition Flyer

  • This flyer gives mentors an overview of Pair Expedition requirements and expectations. 

Mentor-Facing Pair Expedition Resource

  • Review this Learning Center article and share with your mentors to help them independently learn all about Pair Expeditions, how to become approved with their mentee and how to plan/request Pair Expedition meetings within iMentor's established safety protocol.

Pair Expeditions Flyer for Parents/Guardians

  • Share this flyer with parents and guardians as you send out PE consent forms so that they know more about what to expect from this experience for their child.

Pair Expedition Implementation Strategies

  • Read this 1-page resource that lists several ways to promote and encourage pairs to complete Pair Expeditions together to strengthen their relationship.

Virtual Pair Expedition Guides

  • Review the activity guides presented in this Learning Center article and consider sharing them with pairs to choose from when planning a virtual Pair Expedition.  Alternatively, select activity guides that you think would be attractive to specific pairs and encourage them to complete the activity together online.

Pre-Planned Pair Expeditions

  • If it is appropriate for pairs to complete a Pair Expedition in person, review this 1.5 page resource that includes a summary of 8 pre-planned activities.  Each summary also links out to a guide that can be shared with menteees and mentors to make the most of their Pair Expedition. 

How to Document Pair Expeditions

  • Review this section of a Learning Center article explaining how Pair Expeditions work to understand the appropriate way to credit pairs for completing an outing.