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High School Performance Management

Annual Implementation Priorities

Because iMentor works within high schools during the first three phases of the pair experience, programming is designed around the academic year.  This resources introduces the quarterly implementation priorities for an entire fiscal year at a high level. 

Implementation Team Performance Management Areas

This resource outlines the performance management areas related to program implementation during the high school years of iMentor programming.

Implementation Checklists

The priorities of implementation teams shift throughout the year as pairs progress on their iMentor journey.  This link provides access to detailed task lists for each quarter of the fiscal year and links to resources that support high-quality implementation.

PM Weekly Check-In Document Customization Guide

Weekly 1:1 check-ins between PMs and their supervisor are the cornerstone component of their management relationship and a central element for ongoing performance management.  Because the goals of these check-ins vary based on the individual PM, managers are responsible for leveraging standardized check-in document templates and add-ons to customize agendas that guide their weekly 1:1 meetings with PMs based on their individual implementation contexts.  This resource provides guidance that managers can use when developing custom check-in documents.

PM Weekly Check-In Document Templates and Add-Ons

This folder contains all standardized check-in documents and add-ons that managers customize and use to guide their weekly 1:1 meetings with PMs.

Discussion Guides for Case Conferencing and Data Review with Teams

Throughout the year, managers should facilitate discussions that rally around the implementation challenges PMs are encountering and/or the data generated by pairs' participation in iMentor programming.  This link provides access to facilitation guides that use evidence-based discussion protocols that have been proven to generate tangible next steps targeting positive change.