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Email from mentors to their personal networks

At iMentor, we recruit the majority of our mentors through word of mouth. We have found that current mentors can be incredible advocates for the program and so we will sometimes ask them to reach out to their network on their behalf. Here is an email template that you can adjust for your program and share with current mentors.

Dear [first name],

As you may know, I’m an active supporter of a great youth mentoring organization called [organization][Mentoring program] provides high school students in low-income communities with college-educated mentors who help them develop the leadership, academic, and social skills they need to graduate high school and succeed in college.

This Fall, [mentoring program] will enroll hundreds of new students who need mentors, and I thought you might be interested in getting involved. I think that your guidance and support could really empower a young person to reach their goals, and I bet you’ll have a rewarding, fun, and challenging experience in the process!

To become a mentor, your first step is to complete [mentoring program]’s online application. Once you have completed your application, [mentoring program] will invite you to attend a mentor orientation session. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other interesting and like-minded professionals who are also becoming mentors.

If you’d like to learn more about [mentoring program] or share information with other friends, please see below. The [mentoring program] program offers enough flexibility for busy professionals like us to give back, which is rare. I've copied the mentoring commitment below so you can see what I mean. Also, [mentoring program] is with you every step of the way to help you and your mentee stay on a path to success. 

I hope you’ll join me in supporting such great work!




[Mentoring program]’s Mentoring Commitment

  • See your mentee once a month at an [mentoring program]-organized event. These events are usually held Monday-Thursday from 6-8pm.
  • Send your mentee one weekly email on an interesting topic that [mentoring program] provides.
  • Commit a total of 6-8 hours per month. Each match lasts [3 or 4, depending on your program] years.

The Impact

  • Mentees in the program are more likely to graduate from high school and enroll in college. Research shows this is the single most effective way to break the cycle of poverty.
  • 90% of mentees will be first generation college students and 86% live below the poverty line.

If you’d like to get involved now, please complete [mentoring program]’s online application [link to application].