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Email for male mentor recruitment

Recruiting male mentors can be challenging. Below is some helpful text to use when emailing potential male mentors.

Email Subject: <Organization>: Male Mentors Needed for the <Time Period> School Year

<Organization Name (hyperlink to website)>, an innovative youth mentoring organization in <location>, is now accepting applications for men that would like to change a young person’s life this year! <Organization> currently has <number> young men that are waiting to be matched with a mentor for this school year. By signing up today, you can ensure that these ambitious students have the support they need to succeed.

As a mentor, you send your mentee one weekly email on an interesting topic that <organization> provides and see your mentee at least once a month at a fun <organization>-sponsored group event. It’s the perfect option for busy professionals who want to give back and have a rewarding volunteer experience. 

To become a mentor, please complete <organization>’s online application by <date>: <hyperlink to application>

Once you’ve completed your application you’ll be invited to attend a fun mentor training by <date>. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact <staff member> at <email address> or <number>.

More About <organization>:
<Insert Organization Overview>

What do you have to do as a mentor?

  • Send one weekly email on an interesting topic that <organization> provides
  • See your mentee at least once a month for two hours at an <organization> organized group event. These events usually take place Monday through Thursday from 6-8pm.
  • Commit to helping your mentee during his high school career with the opportunity to stay connected with him after graduation and through college completion.

How will you have an impact? (Include relevant statistics below)

  • XX% of <organization> mentees graduated from high school (compared to <location> rate of XX%
  • XX% of mentees were accepted into college (compared to the national rate of 33%)  

Other reasons to become a mentor?

  • Joining <organization> provides you with an opportunity to network with other professionals in <location> at our mentors-only networking events 
  • <Include percentage> of our mentors told us they were happier at work because of their participation with <organization>