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Data Tracking and Enroll

Information on data-driven advising and Enroll.


Introduction to HS Enroll
Organizing Advising Over the school year, you’ll use Enroll to organize your work to: Track your students’ progress on application, financial aid, and matriculation steps Target specific students and mentors for additional suppor...
Enroll Trackers and FAQs
Tracker Basics Trackers live on your homepage/dashboard and you can create trackers to show you the status of all of your students for a given task. You can create trackers for almost everything on the task list. There are many ways to create a tra...
Enroll Reports
One of the trackers on your dashboard is a Reports tracker. Use reports to share information with your school partner or to see all student information at a glance. Below are the types of reports currently available on your dashboard. Compl...