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Introduction to HS Enroll

Organizing Advising

Over the school year, you’ll use Enroll to organize your work to:

  • Track your students’ progress on application, financial aid, and matriculation steps
  • Target specific students and mentors for additional support
  • Share information with your school-based team

Data for High-Quality Advising

Based on the size and scale of our program, we want to make sure we use data to:

  1. Create actionable priorities. 
  2. Streamline communication between PMs, school-based staff, and mentors to ensure that all students are tracked and up-to-date on the college process. 
  3. Capture information to better assess our impact. 

Use Advising Scripts and Checklists for information on when to update Enroll.  

Check out this document, Data for High Quality Advising, to become more familiar with everything we are tracking in Enroll for high school. 

Big 10

What is the data point?

What are the options?

Where can you find it?

Why is this important?

HS Postsecondary Aspiration?

Interested in attending a 2-year college, Interested in attending a 4-year college, Interested in Certificate/Vocational Training, Interested in Employment only,     Interested in Gap Year or Service Year, Interested in enlisting in the Military, Unsure

  • EOY (11th grade) survey
  • Information from counselors 
  • Naviance
  • Self-reported from student/ mentor 
  • Surveys

We want to ensure that our students are maximizing their options in the fall. Knowing what their plan is allows PMs to better guide pairs on required tasks to achieve that plan.

College list completed?

Yes, No

  • College Checklist
  • School-based excel tracker
  • Naviance

A well vetted college list ensures that your students will apply to options that are right for them. Research shows that students are more likely to drop out or transfer out of their post-secondary options if they choose a place that was not the right fit for them.

Applied to at least 1 college? 

Yes, No

  • Information from counselors
  • Naviance
  • Student application screenshot
  • Student confirmation email

We want to ensure that all students complete at least 1 college application to maximize their post-secondary options.

Accepted into at least 1 college? 

Yes, No

  • College checklist
  • Information from counselors
  • Naviance
  • Student confirmation emails/ screenshot

We want to make sure our students are applying to a range of colleges so they have a range of options to chose from. 

FAFSA Completed?

Yes, N/A - did not apply or was not eligible

  • Information from counselors
  • Student SAR 

FAFSA completion remains one of the biggest indicator of intent to Enroll in college. Additionally, many states are requiring FAFSA for HS graduation. 

Accepted financial aid award? 

Yes, Not receiving financial aid 

  • College portal

If a student has not received a financial aid award letter from a college they have been accepted to, it is likely they are in verification. Verification melt is one of the biggest reasons that students who intend to enroll do not. 

Enrolling in college in the fall? 

Yes, No, Deferring enrollment

  • Information from counselors
  • Self-reported from student

There are several important tasks that our students need to take if they are enrolling in college or choosing a different pathway. This question will be important to determine their support needs in order to avoid summer melt.

Deposit paid or waived? 

Yes, No 

  • College portal

Once students have made their decision, they need to pay (or request a waiver) a deposit to secure their seat. If students are considering deferring from college for a semester or they may still be required to pay a deposit. 

Intended Post-secondary Pathway

2-year college, 4-year college, Certificate/Vocational Training, Gap Year/ Service Year Program, Military, Working, Unsure

Read-only on Enroll, syncs from Platform  

  • Platform
  • Information from counselors

After May 1st, you should be able to collect information about which pathways your students are choosing. Having accurate information about pathway enables us to better tailor their pair support heading into our PSP program.

Name of College  

Read-only on Enroll, syncs from Platform  

  • College checklist 
  • Information from counselors 
  • Naviance
  • Student college portals

After May 1st, your pairs can enter information on where they are attending college directly on College Checklist. That information will sync directly into this field on Enroll.