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Data Collection and Management Training Schedule

The ability to effectively run the iMentor model and evaluate programmatic effectiveness relies heavily on training implementation teams to collect high-quality data and leverage that data to inform decision making and provision of pair support.  The Research and Evaluation team is committed to providing both formal and ad hoc support to ensure that implementation teams are set up for success when it comes to collecting and leveraging data.  This article outlines the ideal schedule on which trainings around data collection and use should occur.  Each training area is briefly described below the schedule.

Training Schedule

Training Descriptions

*Survey orientation refers to a short 15-20 minute presentation regarding the rationale for surveys as well as an opportunity to briefly review best practices and share resources.  Ideally, this orientation would occur during a “push-in” to a team meeting.

**Survey follow-ups refer to short orientation to the Qualtrics summaries RE will create and customize for each PM.  In addition, RE will walk PMs through practical use of raw survey data to inform support.  Ideally, this orientation would occur in a smaller group setting, such as a grade team or PD team meeting.

NOTE: During the RE “lull” in RE trainings/orientations in the middle of the year (November – February) the program is in full swing, so the sharing of research – both our own and external research – and hosting focus groups is ideally meant to be optional, or ad hoc based on programmatic need. 

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