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12th Grade Phase 3

Building and Growing Career Connections

Pairs will explore how connections and networks can lead to career opportunities. They will map their current networks and think about when and how we all need to ask for support. Mentees will learn about professional emailing. And pairs will revisit each mentee’s career map with an eye towards identifying how to build connections in their areas of interest.



Parent/Guardian Guide: How to Support Your Child After They Hit Submit

This guide serves to help guardians understand how to support their child with the steps necessary for application follow through.

Mentor Guide: How to Support Your Mentee with Scholarships
This guide serves to help mentors understand how to support their mentee through the scholarship application process.
Pair Checklist

This checklist, that lives on the Platform, will provide pairs with key objectives to hit before the end of the phase.




3.1 Mid Year Reflection

SWBAT reflect on their progress so far in the year.
3.2 The Power of Connections

SWBAT understand the importance of identifying and leveraging their social network.

3.3 Professional Emailing & Outreach
SWBAT  identify how to write a professional email.

3.4 Career Map Reflections

SWBAT identify how post-secondary credentials relate to career prospects.

3.5 Finding My Place & Supports

SWBAT reflect on how to build and grow community after high school.

3.6 Balancing My Social Life

SWBAT understand the importance of balancing their social life with their responsibilities.

3.7  Maintaining Networks After HS - Joining PSP
SWBAT understand the benefits of maintaining their existing network after they graduate from high school.



Pair Event: Mid Year Reflection/After Hitting Submit

Pairs will reflect on the state of their relationship through a trust building activity. 

Pair Event: Career Exploration

Pairs will explore career options by engaging in speed networking and a group mapping activity to surface assets and connections in their community.