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12th Grade Phase 1

Preparing for Senior Year

Pairs will be re-acquainted with the program. They'll work collaboratively to re-engage and build excitement for the 12th grade. Pairs will revisit the mentee’s career interests and understand how these career interests can align with post-secondary pathways. At the end of this phase, pairs will understand what is expected of them this year, be reconnected, and be prepared to launch into the application process.



Parent Guardian Guide: Supporting your Child in their Mentorship This guide serves to help guardians understand the steps they can take to encourage their mentee to deepen their bond with their mentor. 
Mentor Guide to the Senior Timeline

This guide serves to help mentors understand the tasks that must be completed during their mentee's senior year and highlights steps they can take to support their mentee with these tasks.

Mentor Guide to Supporting with the Personal Statement

This guide serves to help mentors understand how to support their mentee with brainstorming, writing, and editing their personal statement.
Mentor & Parent Guide to Getting to Know Each OtherThis is a discussion handout you can print and provide to parents and mentors that are meeting each other for the first time.
Pair Checklist

This checklist, that lives on the Platform, will provide pairs with key objectives to hit before the end of the phase.

Pair Rater Tool - Slide
This slide can be inserted into your presentation(s) once your cohort is matched. It reviews the importance of the Pair Rater Tool.




1.1  My Senior Year Timeline

SWBAT understand the expectations of senior year and how to leverage their mentor to support them in this work.
1.2 Beginning of Year Survey

SWBAT honestly and thoroughly answer their beginning of year survey.

1.3 Staying On Track for Graduation 

SWBAT understand their progress towards graduation requirements.

1.4 Exploring Pathways Through Degrees and Certifications

SWBAT understand different degree types and the career pathways each type of degree can lead to.

1.5 Connecting Education and Career

SWBAT research career pathways based on the degree type they hope to pursue. 

1.6 Reviewing our Regional LandscapeSWBAT use iMentor college persistence data to better understand their regional landscape.

1.7 Reviewing Financial Aid 

SWBAT review the financial aid process and types of aid available.



Pair Even 1: Reconnecting & Career Mapping
Pairs will reconnect through the use of icebreakers and work on planning for the mentee’s future.
Pair Event 2: What Makes a Strong App?

Pairs will work on finalizing the mentee’s post-secondary list and compare admission profiles to understand what makes a strong application.

Alternate Event (event 1 and 2 combined)Because we know that some schools may want to have pairs begin their application work earlier on in the year, this event serves to combine the first 2 events together so you can launch into application work time earlier on in your event scope.